52 Essential Coping Skills
52 Essential Coping Skills
52 Essential Coping Skills

52 Essential Coping Skills

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Build skills that matter in life.

Learn how to navigate: anxiety, anger, disappointment, shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, daily stress, life transitions, healing from trauma, and a sense of belonging!

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Happier, Calmer, Stronger.

Developed by a Harvard researcher

Evidence-based selfcare therapy tool

The 52 Essential Coping Skills card deck provides educators and families with a fun and engaging tool to promote the development of socio-emotional competencies. The playful format of the card decks creates a non-threatening resource to stimulate productive conversations around socio-emotional development. 52 Essential Coping Skills enhances the larger 52 Essential card sets creating pedagogical resources that will be widely valued.

Dr, Richard Arum, Dean of School Education

University of California Irvine

As a professor, I see 52 Essential Coping Skills as a helpful tool for undergraduates who are separated from home and family, while struggling to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. The cards can be used to help students get to know each other in residence halls, as a stimulus to learning in classes that address emotional intelligence, and in counseling sessions.

Dr. Liane Brouillette

Professor of Arts Education and Policy