52 Essential Relationships
52 Essential Relationships
52 Essential Relationships

52 Essential Relationships

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Builds Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and communication skills while strengthening everyday relationships.

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Beyond conversation starters

Easy quality time

Better communication

Stronger relationships

I love the 52 Essential Relationships cards! We are using them for staff meetings before the kids arrive to get in the mindset of preparing children for life and transforming the time with them into quality time.

Jennifer M, Director

Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach

Having researched and piloted different platforms for my students to explore what it means to engage in deeper relationships with their peers. I found 52 Essential Relationships to be the one that allows my students to individually grow and shape what it means to be a positive and good role model, community member, and friend.

Alice Lee, 4th grade teacher

Fairmont Private Schools