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Dr. Jenny Woo is the founder of Mind Brain Emotion, incubated out of The Harvard Innovation Labs and UCI Beall Applied Innovation. She created a series of award-winning card games to help K-16 students and adults build skills in critical thinking, coping and resilience, emotion regulation, and social competence – used in 50+ countries.

Dr. Woo is an avid speaker and dedicates her research and career to helping people realize their potential, from classrooms to boardrooms. She has worked as a Montessori school director, MBA career coach, human capital consultant, HR manager, executive coach, and cognitive science researcher.

She is a two-time TEDx speaker and was featured in Forbes, International Business Times, and Harvard University. Dr. Woo received her Ph.D. from UC Irvine, MBA from UC Berkeley, and M.Ed. from Harvard University. Most importantly, she is a mom of three (very different) children.

Forbes Article

Dr. Jenny Woo has spoken about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in various universities such as Harvard and workplaces such as Google.

She has also been teaching a popular Emotional Intelligence for Success class at the University of California-Irvine. And then, the pandemic hit. In response, she made her in-person course available in an onDemand online course for her students -- and you!

Her online course became an even bigger hit -- read student testimonials here. Dr. Woo's teaching style is candid, to-the-point, and actionable. In her EQ course, you'll watch her talking to you face-to-face, instead of those boring and dry powerpoint slides.

In some of the course lessons and exercises, Dr. Jenny Woo walks you through specific cards in the 52 Essential series. You do not need to own the cards - those specific card content will be provided.

The Certificate program will give you an extensive understanding of all the Emotional Intelligence competencies and you can improve them in your life contexts. The course and card decks are complementary: knowledge from the course will help you make the most of the cards and card exercises will help you practice and apply the knowledge you gained from the course.

You will receive a Certificate upon online course completion, which is sharable on LinkedIn.

Dr. Jenny Woo is open for interview and public speaking.

CLICK HERE to read 60 LinkedIn Testimonials from Companies & Clients who have worked with Dr. Woo.

She has spoken in workplaces such as Accenture, Google, Edwards LifeSciences, Hyundai Capital America, and Northern Trust.

In parent and school communities such as the Anaheim Union High School District and San Francisco Hillsborough City School District.

For community partners such as Pretend City Children's Museum, Boys and Girls Club, and United Way.

At conferences such as NASPA, ACPA, Student Mental Wellness Conference, and Culture Summit.

On podcasts such as Montel Williams' Free Thinking and The Child Psych.

At universities such as Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Chapman, and Carnegie Mellon.

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Our products are designed to build the essential skills, language, and confidence for people of all ages.

The decks have been featured as versatile tools by Harvard, CNBC, LifeHacker, Parents, Los Angeles Times, and Forbes.

CLICK HERE for Age / Level breakdown by deck.

Below are breakdown of some of the card decks:

  • 52 Essential Social Skills: ages 5 - 9 (PK - 3rd grades).
  • 52 Essential Social Situations: ages 8 - 12 (3rd - 6th grades).
  • 52 Essential Social Dilemmas: ages 11 - 14 (6th - 8th grades).

  • 52 Essential Conversations: use with ages 5 - 18 (PK-12 grades). More facilitative support is needed with young aspiring readers. We're happy to boast that we have schools and homes across all 50 states using this deck. Winner of Parents' Choice Awards and as seen featured in The Harvard Gazette.

  • 52 Essential Relationship Skills: for ages 10 - adulthood. Designed for homes, school, and workplaces. This deck contains the essential languages and skills for all relationship types! In fact, it has been used by Google for staff all-hands, nonprofit organizations for team-building, groups at churches for community-building, and couples for opening communication, and student clubs for collaboration.

  • 52 Essential Coping Skills: for ages 12 - adulthood. This is our bestseller: therapists, counselors, and teachers love how useful this deck is! We receive tons of positive feedback about how clients and groups have found the cards insightful and helpful. Unlike the above decks, the 52 Essential Coping Skills are just as powerful used solo as it is with others.

  • 52 Essential Critical Thinking Skills: for ages 14 - adulthood. This is the most cerebral deck in the series. Each card is meant to be pondered and revisited for a lifetime, under different contexts. This deck serves as an introduction to the world of cognitive biases, logic, and linguistics.

Depending on how you use it, one deck can support any number of users!

To ensure each person gets a choice of 2-3 (rotating) cards, we recommend you purchase one deck per every 15 users. This is often the case for schools, workplaces, and conference sessions.

However, we've also seen retail and service-based businesses use ONE deck to support its employees - anywhere from skin care salons to fast food restaurants. For example, a franchise displays a card in the 52 Essential Relationship Skills deck each week to encourage employees to get to know each other better.

Unlike a textbook (and many times, a book), the cards are meant to be used and revisited over and over - for a lifetime.

We guarantee that your (and others') responses to the same card will change with time, maturity, and context. They will ignite and awaken the facets of you like never before.

Because the cards are used in a cooperative way, you will notice that your own responses adapt and change based on who you're using the cards with!

This is why the cards are meant to be used for a lifetime and across generations!

We are not joking when we say that we're probably the most rigorous and agile product makers you'll find in the card design business. Here's why:

The products are empirical and applied research-based and field-tested.

The premise of the products are informed by rigorous peer-reviewed research and subsequently, real-world user testing and feedback.

We are all about continuous improvement to adapt to the needs of our users! In fact, the 52 Essential Conversations is in its 11th edition!

Several of the card decks have gone through IRB-level (Institutional Review Boards and Protection of Human Subjects in Clinical Trials) intervention evaluation. They have been studied from quantitative (pre/post assessment) and qualitative (case studies) standpoints.

Here's a Research Poster on 52 Essential Conversations.

The published study of the card decks and the Emotional Intelligence online course can be found here:

Academic Journal

Barnes & Nobles

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No part of any of our products may be reproduced without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews. Credit must be given to ©Mind Brain Emotion.

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