Family Harmony Bundle: Chores & Conversations for Happiness

Family Harmony Bundle: Chores & Conversations for Happiness

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Give the gift of family fun, bonding, and personal growth.

This bundle provides the essential skills, routines, and exercises to help you create a happy, healthy, and harmonious home.

  • Equitable Chore Distribution:  Teach kids and adults to share household duties fairly with the 52 Essential Life Skills Card Deck. Promoting responsibility and teamwork in every home.
  • Foster Meaningful Connections:  Use 52 Essential Conversations to spark engaging and insightful discussions, strengthening bonds between family members of all ages. Use during mealtimes.
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence:  Develop empathy, understanding, and better communication skills with 52 Essential Relationship Skills. Use for family check-ins and conflict resolution.
  • Improve Family Relationships:  Each deck is designed to facilitate positive interactions, helping to create a happier, more cohesive family environment. Include online learning for the whole family!
  • Easy and Fun Learning:  These interactive card decks make learning about chores, conversations, and EQ enjoyable and accessible for everyone in the family.

Included: 52 Essential Conversations, Relationship Skills, and Life Skills.