52 Essential Social Dilemmas
52 Essential Social Dilemmas
52 Essential Social Dilemmas
52 Essential Social Dilemmas

52 Essential Social Dilemmas

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Help tweens ages 11-14 build responsible decision-making and maturity.

Solve Problems and Make Good Choices.

"What would you do?" social situations to build critical thinking skills. Use for would you rather game, girl advice, guy talk, and reflective writing prompts.

Support Kids in the Age of Screens & Stress

😎 TRANSITION & THRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE: Packed with social skills to survive & succeed middle school - adapt to changes, navigate friendships & frenemies, handle gossips, take initiative, work in teams, deal with a bully, balance stress and pressure

✔️ KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL: Created by teachers and counselors to prepare tweens, teens, and parents for commonly struggled social situations in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

PLAY, DISCUSS, CONNECT: Clever conversation starter cards to spark communication and help you tune into your middle schooler's feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; and get to know their classmates & peers

😌 REDUCE ANXIETY, GAIN A PEACE OF MIND: Middle school classroom must haves to encourage kindness, inclusion, motivation, responsible decision making

BUILD SOCIAL COMPETENCE AND EMOTIONAL MATURITY: Great support for students who are nervous, anxious, socially awkward, impulsive, or kids with autism; Perfect as a 5th grade graduation gift or gift for rising 6th grader

STURDY CARDS & PORTABLE TIN: Car ride to school and back, "would you rather" dinner table discussions, heart to heart connections, classroom ice breakers, morning meeting, small group teambuilding cards, counseling game


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