52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills
52 Essential Inclusion Skills

52 Essential Inclusion Skills

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An A to Z Guide to Kindness, Compassion, and Respect for Diverse Abilities.

LEVEL 1:  AWARENESS.  Redefine "normal" to reduce unfounded fears, biases, and misconceptions.

LEVEL 2:  ALLYSHIP.  Actionable inclusion skills and strategies to embrace the differences in all of us. Move from sympathy to empathy. Lip service to real kindness.

LEVEL 3:  ADVOCATE.  Concrete tips on how to advocate for yourself and others. Each card features children and adult heroes living with different illnesses and unique abilities. Learn how to speak up for yourself and represent the under-represented by sharing your story.

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Language, Understanding, Kindness.

Perspective-Taking and Storytelling.



Dr. Jenny Woo

Dr. Jenny Woo is the Founder/CEO of Mind Brain Emotion. As an MBA social entrepreneur and a Ph.D., she is passionate about bridging science and practice. She dedicates her career to helping people realize their potential -- on their terms. She has worked as a Montessori School Director, a Cognitive Science Researcher on building memory and growth mindset, a certified fitness trainer, an MBA Career Coach, a University lecturer, a Management Consultant, and an HR professional in workplace engagement and wellness.

She is the creator of award-winning card games and mental health tools to help children and adults build emotional intelligence and social mastery. Her bestselling games, 52 Essential Conversations and 52 Essential Coping Skills for families, schools, and workplaces, have been featured by The Harvard Gazette, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Julie A. Stamm

Julie A. Stamm was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2007. Following her diagnosis, Julie made it her mission to educate, advocate, and support others battling chronic illnesses. She works tirelessly to help lessen the burden each patient has to bear. Her efforts have given her the opportunity to work with physicians, patients, and foundations across the Globe.

After the birth of her son in 2016, Julie shifted her focus to supporting the children of parents with a chronic illness. Her children’s book entitled “Some Days: A tale of love, ice cream, and my mom’s chronic illness” was created to normalize differing abilities and amplify how each of us can thrive in spite of the challenges.

Julie's website: http://iamstamm.com/

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