Parent-Teacher Conference: Questions to Ask

Want to make the most of Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Check out my article on Confident Parents Confident Kids!

Keep these questions handy for your next parent-teacher conference!

Focus on PROGRESS:

  • In which areas has my child shown (or not shown) progress since you’ve known him/her?
  • How do you measure progress?
  • What might be holding my child back from progressing? (i.e. knowledge, skill, confidence, motivation, self-discipline, focus)
  • What does progress look like for my child?

Assess academic, social, emotional, behavioral PERFORMANCE:

  • Is my child performing at grade level?
  • How does my child do in social situations with peers?
  • How does my student contribute to the class atmosphere?
  • In what subject does my child struggle/excel?
  • In what kinds of activities has my child performed particularly well?
  • Does my child get easily frustrated? Can you give me an example of the context?

Strength home-school PARTNERSHIP:

  • Are there anything you'd like to know about my child outside of school?
  • What can I do at home to support what is being done at school?
  • What’s the best way to communicate with you?