Take Out the Trash/Rubbish

  1. Gather all the trash from around the house: You can start by going around the house and collecting all the trash from the different rooms. You can use a trash bag to collect the garbage.

  2. Tie the trash bag: Once you have collected all the trash, you should tie the bag tightly so that nothing falls out when you take it outside.

  3. Take the trash bag outside: You should take the trash bag outside and place it near the trash bin.

  4. Open the trash bin: Open the lid of the trash bin so that you can put the trash bag inside.

  5. Put the trash bag inside the bin: Lift the trash bag and put it inside the bin.

  6. Close the lid: Close the lid of the trash bin to keep the trash from spilling out.

  7. Wash your hands: After taking out the trash, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.