Earn Money

Ways kids can try to make money:

  1. Yard work: Offer to do tasks such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, or shoveling snow for neighbors.

  2. Babysitting: Offer to take care of younger children in the neighborhood for a fee.

  3. Pet care: Offer to walk dogs, feed pets, or clean litter boxes for people who are away.

  4. Lemonade stand: Set up a stand on a sidewalk and sell lemonade, iced tea, or other drinks during warm weather.

  5. Car washing: Offer to wash cars for people in your neighborhood for a fee.

  6. Selling goods: Look for items around the house that you no longer use, such as toys or books, and sell them online or at a yard sale.

  7. Chores for hire: Offer to do tasks such as cleaning, organizing, or running errands for people for a fee.

  8. Online work: Offer your skills such as design, writing, or programming.

Remember: ask for permission from parents or guardians before starting any of these money-making endeavors.