How to Use 52 Essential Life Skills

Download everything you need:

  1. Printable Individual Chore Chart
  2. Household Habit Sheet
  3. Speed Bingo Handouts
  4. Five Games to build habits and household harmony (easy directions):





  1. Each player randomly draws a pink card.  Complete the task described on the card to collect the points*.  Return the card to the deck and fill out your individual or household chore chart.
  2. Repeat for six more days (7 pink cards total).
  3. On the 7th day, add up all your points.  The player with the highest total wins! 🙌

*Points:  the number on each card indicate task difficulty level. Cards with an Ace are worth 1 point, cards with a 2 are worth 2 points, and so on up to the King card which is worth 13 points.

😎 More Ways to Win - this must be decided before the start of the game!

  • Player with the highest odd number.
  • Player with the highest multiples of 3.
  • Player with the highest prime number.
  • Player with the closest predicted total.

    🔥 Spice Up the Game by Adding Some Heat:  everyone chips in money (ex: $2 each) to create a winning pot. The player who emerges victorious takes home the cash prize.

    🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Cooperative Play:  divide players into teams. The team with the most points at the end of the 7 days wins.

    💪 All You Can Chore:  each day, players can draw up to three extra cards to complete, and collect the points.

    💯 Bonus Points:  players can earn 3 extra points for completing their card task before a certain time (ex: before 6pm).

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    1. Each player randomly draws 2 pink cards and complete the task, returns the cards back to the deck.  Fill out the individual or household habit sheet.
    2. Complete the same two card tasks for six more consecutive days.  If a player fails to complete their tasks for the day, they must draw new pink cards to add them to their daily habit juggle.
    3. On the 7th day, the player with the fewest cards wins - and gets to choose 3 blue cards for the player(s) with the most cards to complete.

    If everyone's tied:  kick it up by playing a round with 3 pink cards each day (instead of two). And if that doesn't do it, keep piling on the tasks until someone cracks (or becomes a superhero)! Let the games begin!

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    Materials Needed:
    • Pink and Blue Life Skills cards
    • Speed Bingo sheets (download)
    • Pen/pencil, writing paper
    • Clock or timer


    1. Each player takes a Speed Bingo sheet.
    2. Spread all the pink and blue cards face down.
    3. Each player draws a card. Complete the task to check it off on the bingo sheet. Return the card to the public pile (face down).
    4. Keep drawing and completing cards until a player gets a bingo - and passes inspection by other players.
    Additional Considerations:
    • Before starting, you can take out the cards that do not apply.
    • To encourage flexibility and creativity: card activities on the bingo sheet offer additional choices.
    • The numbers on the cards indicate age-appropriate difficulty levels. Quick reference:
      • use Ace to 6
      • Ages 8-9:use Ace to 8
      • Ages 10+:use all cards (be sure to monitor hot/sharp surfaces if the player is new to the activity!!!)

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    1. Play a round of Slapjack. The winner gets to assign everyone else 3 pink cards to complete for the week! (how to play Slapjack)
    2. Play a round of Snap. The winner gets to assign everyone else 1 blue card - and if they lost in Slapjack earlier, they get to assign their 3 pink cards to another person! (how to play Snap)

    Slapjack: Players take turns flipping cards. If a jack appears, the first to slap it takes the pile. Win by collecting all the cards.

    Snap: Players take turns placing their cards onto a central pile and saying "snap" when two cards match. The first person to run out of cards is the winner.

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    Each player selects a card from the following suits (3 cards total):

    • Hearts:  select a task you'd like to do for yourself.
    • Spades:  select a task you'd like to do for someone else.
    • Clubs:  select a task you'd like to do for the household.

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