How to Use 52 Essential Relationship Skills

52 Essential Relationship Skills by Mind Brain Emotion

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For Personal Relationships

To Build Connections

Start with Nurture (13 cards) and progress up. Take turns answering. Begin with Ace or draw cards randomly.

To Deepen Connections

Decide on a level or a card number across suits. Each person selects a card to ask the other person.

Bonus: Respond to the prompts as your younger self. Guess the other person’s response to a card.

To Bridge Disconnections

Use Conflict Mediation (13 cards). Take turns answering a card either verbally or in writing.

To Connect with Children

Pick one to three cards to discuss in the car, at the dinner table, or during a family meeting. Use Fill in the Blank (10 cards) to share your thoughts.

For Professional Relationships

Icebreaker for Meetings & Gatherings

Take turns responding to a Fill in the Blank card (10 total).

Each person takes a card from the deck. Pair up for 5-10 minutes exchanging answers. (Introduce each other).

Getting to Know Team Members

Tape a new card on the team whiteboard each week. Invite everyone to write a response. Observe trends.

First person answers a card of choice and popcorns to the next person to do the same. Repeat.


Use Nurture (13 cards) to foster psychological safety.

Select 5 cards to create a “How to Work with Me” user guide. Everyone shares their guide on team Drive.

Naming the Elephant in the Room

Use Conflict Mediation (13 cards) to signal permission to vocalize concerns. Use prompts for rose, bud, thorn.

Or, create a poll to gather thoughts anonymously.

Coaching + Mentorship

Use Power Mentorship (16 cards) to understand needs and aspirations. Determine actionable next steps.

Use Flex (13 cards) to set goals and expectations.


Use Support (13 cards) to deepen trust and bond.

Use Partner (13 cards) to broaden impact and promote a culture of inclusivity and community.