52 Essential Inclusion Skills

Lucy, 10, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) How would you explain ADHD to a child? I have ADHD. Actually, I have combined ADHD. This means that sometimes I can be hyperactive and impulsive but other times I can be inattentive and unfocused. ...
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Gavin Silvestri
Gavin Silvestri is an energetic, Bluey-loving five-year-old. He has a rare disease called Lymphatic Malformation.  What is Lymphatic Malformation? Lymphatic Malformation is a clump of abnormal lymph vessels that form a growing, disorganized, spongy cluster of cysts. They appear as...
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Baylee Fox
Baylee Fox, 10, Epilepsy How would you explain Epilepsy to a child? Epilepsy is when something unusual happens in your brain. Your brain is like a very powerful computer. It controls everything you do. When your brain starts sending too...
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Maisy Cuaresma
Maisy Cuaresma, 11, Hearing Loss How would you explain Hearing Loss to a child? Having hearing loss means that sometimes you can’t hear sounds, or they seem muffled and quieter than to a person with average hearing.

 What would you want the world...
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