Jodi Johnson

Jodi Johnson

Jodi Johnson, 47, Multiple Sclerosis 

How would you explain Multiple Sclerosis to a child?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic illness that affects the central nervous system. The pathways in our brain and spinal cord that carry the signals to tell our bodies how to function get disrupted. There is a protective coating on these pathways that breaks down and becomes a scar. The signals can no longer easily communicate with our brain and bodies which impacts our health including mobility, vision, balance, and memory. 

What would you want the world to know about Multiple Sclerosis?

The world should know that multiple sclerosis affects everyone differently. It is an unpredictable illness but you can still have a full and fun life! 

What does it feel like to live with Multiple Sclerosis

Living with MS can feel like a rollercoaster. Each day can be different. Up and down and twisting all around! Some days I have lots of energy, some days I need more rest. I use mobility aids like a walker and scooter to help me stay independent and do my best with daily activities.

What brings you joy?

Playing with my children, traveling, reading books and chocolate bring me joy! Practicing mindfulness brings me peace and I love finding adaptive ways to have fun and stay active.

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