Emmitt Henderson III

Emmitt Henderson III

Emmitt Henderson III, Lupus

How would you explain Lupus to a child?

Lupus is the monster that attacks the healthy cells in your body that can cause all kinds of problems including organ failure.

What would you want the world to know about Lupus?

Although 90% of Lupus patients are women, Men get Lupus too. Men are more likely to get organ involvement and have more severe symptoms.

What does it feel like to live with Lupus?

It feels like always being on Edge! Everyday is different, you don’t know if you’re going to have a good day or bad day. You have to be prepared for the unknown because of how unpredictable this disease is.

What brings you joy?

It brings me Joy to see other Warriors winning and thriving from their Illness. I’m telling my story in hopes of others using it as a survivor's guide to get through their disease and sharing their stories to help others. The more this happens, the more Joy it brings me.

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