Emily Skyrm

Emily Skyrm

Emily Skyrm, Dyslexia

How would you explain dyslexia to a child?

Having dyslexia is like trying to solve a puzzle everyone knows the answer to except for you. 

What would you want the world to know about dyslexia?

I wish everyone knew that even though I don’t know how to spell easy words right or can’t read every word put in front of me — I’m still smart, creative and worthy of love and respect. 

What does it feel like to live with dyslexia?

When I was young, I struggled to do what seemed to come so easily to other kids. I was laughed at for reading easy words wrong. I felt ashamed and dumb. It took me a long long time to realize that I actually am smart and have great ideas. I’m so proud of the way my brain works now and I know it’s what makes me the creative person I am.  

What brings you joy?

Believe it not, my favorite things to do are read and write. Being creative with words makes me so happy. I love the way my brain puts ideas together - because of the different way I see language. I sometimes read two books a month because I enjoy detailed stories you can only find in books.

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