Craig Cuff

Craig Cuff

Craig Cuff, 51, Stroke

How would you explain a stroke to a child?

A stroke happens when something in the body blocks blood from reaching your brain.  In my case, it was caused by Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which is a fancy way of saying I have sticky blood.  

How does it feel to live with a stroke?

Strokes can cause permanent damage to your brain, and depending on where in the brain, it can affect the body's ability to function "normally."  For me, it has impacted the memory and speech parts of my brain.  I have trouble remembering the right words, and it may take me longer to get them out or write them down.  Some of the day-to-day activities I used to take for granted, like following a recipe or asking for directions, are a challenge.  

What would you want the world to know about it?

Have patience.  Effects from a stroke can vary from mild to severe and affect different abilities, so there is no one approach for someone with a stroke.  We live in a fast world.  If someone struggles to get their words out, give them the time to express themselves.

What brings you joy?

My son, Milo.  My favorite part of the day is seeing him smile when he sees me waiting to pick him up from school.


  • Marjorie Calvin

    I am so proud of you for many things, but especially for your efforts to improve your communications. I love hearing your voice but your smile brings me joy. Love, Mom

  • Bruce Calvin

    Terrific commentary we miss you Craig
    Be safe & enjoy

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