Cheryl Angelelli

Cheryl Angelelli

Cheryl Angelelli, 54, Spinal Cord Injury (Paralyzed/Quadriplegic)

What would you want the world to know about Spinal Cord Injury?

I want the world to know that I am just like everyone else except I roll through life on wheels instead of walking. Don’t be afraid to talk with me, ask me a question or include me. You’ll probably realize you and I are more alike than we are different.

What does it feel like to live with a Spinal Cord Injury?

Living with a disability means some days are hard or challenging but life can still be beautiful, full and rewarding. I choose to focus on all the things I can do, not the things I can’t.

What brings you joy?

Dancing and spending time with family, friends and my fur babies brings me joy.

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