Aashni Puvvada

Aashni Puvvada

Aashni Puvvada, 9, Alopecia and Allergies

How would you explain Alopecia and Allergies to a child?

Alopecia is when your hair falls out.

Allergies are when your body has some problems with certain types of foods that it can't digest correctly.  It can also be environmental things like pollen, dust, and mold.  Your body can react in different ways such as sneezing, itching, and if it's really severe even stop breathing.

What would you want the world to know about Alopecia and Allergies?

Alopecia is something to not be ashamed of.  It just happens randomly to people.

Allergies are not something to be afraid of.  There are so many foods out there that avoid your allergies.  You could also try getting rid of your allergies by teaching your body to be ok with the allergy foods.

What does it feel like to live with Alopecia and Allergies? 

It takes more time in the morning to comb my hair as I have to be more gentle with it.  I am not worried too much about it as I don't know if my hair will fully fall out again.

Sometimes it's difficult and I get sad when I can't eat things.  For example, on vacations a lot of restaurants don't have stuff I can eat.  But I get really excited when I see desserts that I can eat.  Everytime I travel, I get to experience more and more foods that are allergy free!

Aashni Puvvada

What brings you joy?

Alopecia doesn't stop me from doing things I love like sports.  I love playing soccer, flag football, and basketball.

One of my favorite hobbies is baking.  A big reason I got into baking is because there wasn't much food I could eat.  I am able to bake almost any dessert with ingredients that I can substitute.  If it wasn't for allergies, I wouldn't have the passion for baking!


  • Anitha Reddy (Zambia)

    Well written Aashni!! Glad you are aware and dealing with your allergies the right way! Good job!

  • Geetha Akula

    Great job in explaining about alopecia and allergies. I should learn from you how to bake with the only ingredients that I can eat. Good luck in everything.

  • Lakshmi Kasarabada

    Aashni is a strong and brave child and has adapted well to cope with her allergies. She is a great role model to other kids!

  • Ruth A.

    What an amazing, inspirational educator you are Aashni!!

  • Munnangi Manimala

    Hi Aashni, I got to learn something new today. With you positive attitude, you’ll be a stronger and better person!

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